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About Us

Founder – Ken Miller:

Ken is the owner of Kenneth P. Miller, CPA, a firm that specializes in tax planning and preparation for businesses. He has been working in his local firm for over 30 years. He started his career at one of the largest accounting firms in the Small Business Division of their Chicago office.

When the technology was developed to be able to provide outsourced accounting services remotely, Ken established OutSource Connect, Inc. He is the manager of operations and is responsible for supervising the company's bookkeeping staff and supervisors.

This company was one of the early users of what is now called "cloud-based" technology.The online accounting systems and procedures used in these outsourced bookkeeping services have been a top interest of Ken's. His goal is to find ways to provide the most efficient processes for our accounting services to clients.

Technology now makes it possible to provide an online accounting service using remote access and a paperless document management system. These services can be provided to clients located anywhere. Accounting services are now available using an online bookkeeper provided by OutSource Connect, Inc.

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