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Churches and church schools have some unique financial reporting needs. We are focused on the accounting department by providing outsourced bookkeeping services to churches. Our service is designed to provide churches with a cost effective way to get good books no matter where they are located. Church administration keeps complete control over the church's cash with our online church accounting system. 

Bookkeeping for churches can be done in the "Cloud". It means essentially accessing files and resources through the Internet. Technology has been developed whereby the normal back office functions can be done through the Internet.

Why outsource your church's bookkeeping? One reason is that it will save money. It could also mean fewer employees. But, possibly the most important reason is that it may reduce the risk of fraud.

With our full outsourced bookkeeping service, churches get timely financial reports from the books which are accessible 24/7 from any computer. It is a paperless system where bills are paid online. It is a way to get good books from any location and maintain complete control over church funds.

See what we can do for your church.

Founder – Ken Miller:

Ken is a CPA who has a number of years of experience working with churches. He has been the Chairman of the Finance Committee of his church for many years and involved in the management of the accounting department. He also has consulted with his son and daughter-in-law, both pastors, in dealing with the financial management of their respective churches.

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